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Do you have any Mexican in you? No? Do you want some?

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I am... a man. Hungry, concentrated, focused, blurred, but mostly hungry... I could go for a slice of pizza, absolutely with pepperoni, perhaps with ham or as faggots say "canadian bacon". By faggots I don't mean to insult the gays, I loves them peoples like I loves all other peoples... which is as far as I can spit a mouse. So I'm sure you're wondering, what is this young feller all about, and I will tell you. I am a humanoid, consisting of bones and muscle and all kinds of other things with names. Hey, but look, I can dance! Ok no I can't. So... are we supposed to make out now or something? Ok, you go first and i'll go along...hey don't touch me there! that wasn't part of the agreement! we had a specifically outlined agreement to make out, and nothing more, but you took advantage of my TRUST! that's supposed to mean something nowadays, but you just went ahead and threw it out the window didn't you? well you know what, i'm going to throw you out the window! ok maybe not, but if i were strong enough and if you could fit through that window, i would, except that my automatic windows aren't working so you'd have to kind of give me some time to get the window motors working, but once i get them working and get enough strenght, it's on baby! just like trust, i'm going to throw you out! oh..yeah.. i was writing a bio wasn't i? well just imagine a guy with awesome sprinkled a little here and a little there mixed up with a little lemon-pepper. That's enough I suppose.
catepillar metamorphosis, corks, fish hooks, jumbo mumbo, malfunctionning traffic lights, nail clippers, right-of-way, running humans, specific interests, unibrows., unspecific interests, why subwoofers breathe