elgreek84 (elgreek84) wrote,

Covet thy neighbor's trashcan.

Hmm.. So I just moved to my new little abode in a little suburb of San Diego. As you can imagine, being in a new place, not really familiar with the area, not having a whole lot of friends down here, it can become a little boring. But that doesn't matter, if I had all those things, I'd still be doing the same thing. So this is what I did today. I started off my day with a breakfast for fucking kings....fuck that, fuck kings, kings don't eat like this.. kings wish they could eat like this, instead they have to eat their shitty ass expensive food like caviar and fillet mignon, well kings and queens, you wish you could eat this. Look at this, wet your palate. Here's an image of my latest creation, you see that look in your eyes, it's jealous, it's envy... you wishing you could've partaken in my delicious flavor escapade, i travled from flavor land to flavor land, experiencing the joyous flavors of the world. this shit was good. here it is, no more suspense.
Yeah so look at that. It's ok to be jealous, 1 out of 7 deadly sins isn't too bad... well unless you follow it up by killing someone... then you kind of have a problem. Hey but how about this, how about instead of coveting your neighbor's wife, or car or something, how about you just covet his trashcan... sure, why not, it's cleaners than yours. Hey how about this, you throw some shit in your trash, so it's already filling up, and then, look around to make sure nobody is witnessing your degrading acts, and you switch your trash can with his. NICE! hey buddy, when you were looking around to make sure nobody was looking at you did you account for that loser college kid named Greco peering through the blinds of his house accross the street while he took a break from his book "A hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy"? No, i'm sure you didn't account for that. So let's see, you look like dick cheney, and you switch trashcans, you're a bastard, I know exactly what's in store for you in the after life. You're going to come back as a trashcan. young college girls are going to vomit in you, young college guys are going to shit in you, bums are going to live in you, oscar the grouch is going to glorify you on a television show, and neighbor hood kids are going ot use you for hockey goals, oh wait, hockey sucks.
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