elgreek84 (elgreek84) wrote,

What I learned in my Latin American Economics Class

I learned:
"Kevin from Bridge 2004 sucks and..."
"Anaheim and LA sucks"
I learnedd:
"wat up blood, wat up cuz, wt up gangstaaaa"
"america, chivas sucks"
"beat the pussy up"
"asians suck at sucking cock"
"live love laugh lay}drink eat and be merry}suck, ,spit, smile :)}inhale, cough and be happy"
"fuck you No. Cal"
"fuck you bitch"
"sixtene-nine"? (69?)(16-9)?
"fuck you bitches"
"i have fucked francine dee"
"asians have no dick and hairy vaginas"
"fuck white people"
I think that's about all that's written on the wall next to me, I'll sit on the other side next time and see what's written over there. very educational.:)
pictures coming soon:
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