elgreek84 (elgreek84) wrote,

i fucking hate you college!

hey college, how are you doing? I'm doing fine, except i'm just a little mad, you just cost me 2000 dollars more just knowing you, and i don't think you're worth it, you're just a gay fag piece of shit full of stupid people, why can't you just be free like all other shitty thigns, like shit? or at least pretty cheap. How about a poem stupid college here it comes fag:

College, you cost me 2000 dollars more
I wouldn't even pay if you were a million dollar whore!
Go rub your self in shit and i hope you die
because you ain't worht the money and did I mention you were gay?
So what if it doesn't rhyme, you're not worth it.
You're like sour milk, squeezed from an old tit.
Grade A piece of shit, Grade F written essay
Oh and remember that you're a gay!
Fuck you! you should be free
that would give me much glee!

hoped you liked taht college! fuck you ucsd be free for me! argh! i hate you! hey what about your crippled brother junior college? well he sucks too, he doesn't know his fucking ass from his mouth, and guess what, he's gay too, you're all just bunch of gay fags in your stupid college family, i should just fucking print out a degree and go get a job, it's a hell of a lot better than paying 20k for your stupid ass to give it to me, putting me through the fucking wasted time and effort of wrting shitty essays your shitty TA's will fucking drool on while you try to bang that hot chick in your class, fuck you! argh!
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